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Feb 26, 2013 2:00am PST
for the former premier, silvio berlusconi, has been on the rise again. >> it has been the same for 20 years -- the same music, the same fans, all this for silvio berlusconi. boosted by recent polls, he appears to be in splendid form and can even afford a touch of self-deprecating and. -- self-depredation. >> i took a look in the mirror before leaving the house and thought what a shame the old mirrors do not exist anymore. i always looked so handsome and young. >> that is what his fans like so much -- he always has a joke or an amusing anecdote. he is also good at making promises. >> do you want fewer taxes on companies, families, and income? >> berlusconi's campaign announcements are legendary. in 2001, he offered italians a packed and signed it live on television. in 2006, he promised to abolish property and real estate taxes. this year, he is hoping to win the elections again with the same promises, but he has not always made good on his promises. that is why many voters have turned their backs on him. some have turned to mario monti. they hope his centrist alliance will lead italy out of
Feb 25, 2013 2:30pm PST
to be - counted, it seemed that the centerleft was the majority. , however, that silvio berlusconi and his allies had had done well in key regions in the north. another later, official said the situation was very serious. the country was heading for political deadlock. it may well be that here at the chamber of deputies, the lower house, that the centerleft is the dominant party. just down the road at the senate, silvio berlusconi and his allies are performing strongly. it is always a question as to whether there can really be a credible and stable government. the most likely outcome is a hung parliament. support for serbia berlusconi -- silvio berlusconi held up well. he retains influence. or centerleft candidate, luigi bersani, is likely to try and form a coalition -- pier luigi bersani, is likely to try and form a coalition. officials are preferred -- predicting that italy will have to go to the polls again. >> if you don't have the numbers to govern, the most likely scenario is another election shortly. >> the big losers in all this, brussels and berlin. voters in large numbers rejected auste
Feb 26, 2013 6:30pm PST
, but it is not enough for him to build a government. >> former prime minister silvio berlusconi came in a close second. coalition talks are under way, but many italians are unsure they will produce a stable government. >> italian voters have elected new representatives, but where does that leave the country? newspaper headlines are skating. one reads -- the only winner is ungovernability. there's already talk of free elections. >> i do not know what to say. i think we voters are being taken for a ride. >> i have no idea what will happen now. they will reach some kind of decision. everything is in the hands of four or five people again. they just do what they want. >> italy's political landscape is in turmoil. the central left coalition won the lower house by a blister, but the senate is split, putting the ~ well on course for political gridlock. in his first comments since the vote, the kennedy emphasized the dramatic situation italy is facing. he said he would push ahead with a reform agenda and put it to parliament. he warned opponents that the electorate would not accept a political farce. after a
Feb 20, 2013 2:30pm PST
will it be a strategic deterrent but also symbolically. >> silvio berlusconi tries to stage a comeback, but will the scandals of his past keep italian voters from returning him to power? welcome to our viewers on public television in america and around the globe. today oscar pistorius was back in a south african court facing charges he killed his girlfriend. two witnesses claimed they heard nonstops out in. the defense quickly called the account into question. -- they heard nonstop fighting. >> back in court to fight for bail, oscar pistorius arriving for a day of evidence and heated argument. the apparel and they athlete is still struggling to control his -- the athlete is still struggling to control his emotions. on the screen, the first detailed plan we have seen of the crime scene itself. the detective revealed he had two witnesses who reported hearing a long, loud argument in the house before the shooting, and no one witness was hundreds of meters away and could not identify -- and one witness was hundreds of meters away and could not identify the voices. police say they found tes
Feb 26, 2013 5:30am PST
-- silvio berlusconi. this is al jazeera. here in doha with top stories. a balloon crash over the valley of the kings in egypt killed 19 people. a look at the world's largest train network as india announces a big investment to improve its railways. ♪ >> how greater thanrapper from taiwan called dog g is trying to stop the government from putting down straight pets. the parliamentary election that was supposed to bring political and economic stability to italy has been quite the opposite. preliminary results show there is no clear winner. equally unclear is how bitter rivals will be able to come together to lead the country. former prime minister silvio berlusconi made a sort of a comeback at may secure the upper house. according to his latest results, his main rival has managed to win a majority in the lower house. and beppe grillo, a comedian turned politician, appears to be riding a wave of protest votes. what happens next? the only solution appears to be some sort of coalition. the outgoing prime minister, his coalition trailed for the and the vote, said the common ground must be
Feb 20, 2013 4:00pm PST
is not the favorite, neither can he be written off. in recent weeks, he has narrowed the gap. silvio berlusconi is full of confidence. at times his campaign rallies take on the appearance of a football terrorists. he is selling optimism at the time italy is in deep recession. he promises not just to lower taxes, but to give cash back from a property tax. it is unjust, he says, because it touches something sacred. the house as a foundation on which every family builds their future. this is causing plenty of international anxiety. his main opponent, the center left candidate is talking about the scandals. he says berlusconi was preoccupied, a reference to the dancer he's accused of having underage sex with. >> he made us a good joke of the world. it is time for something to change. we threw him out because he is ruining italy. what sense does it make to reelect him? >> the closest aides argued his policies struck concerns about his personal life. >> is a basic message is simple. -- his basic message is simple. >> these are tense political days in italy. a protester who interrupts the rally, sayin
Feb 26, 2013 7:30am EST
luigi bersani, supports the austerity measures. former prime minister silvio berlusconi's group has come in second with 29.2%. his group has campaigned on revising spending cuts and other parts of the austerity program. officials said no political group is projected to win a majority in the uner house. a government needs a majority in both houses of parliament. >>> well, berlusconi has become a fixture in italian politics. the election has given him another moment in the spotlight less than two years after he was forced to leave office. nhk world's josho watanabe has more from rome. >> reporter: italians went to the polls in a test of their appetite for austerity. they felt the weight of economic hardships under european union demands for reform. silvio berlusconi failed to address the national debt when he last sat in the prime minister's office. so he had to step down in 2011. in the meantime, he's regained support by appealing to voters' frustrations. he promised to review austerity measures and slash taxes if he gets re-elected. italy's economy is the third largest in the eurozone. a
Feb 21, 2013 7:00pm EST
's fear if silvio berlusconi wins a majority that koend up -- >> i forgot. the italians are pretty loose -- they don't care about anything. i know i'm asking a good notre dame girl with good values on this point how in the hell can silvio berlusconi run for italian governments. >> how many governments have they had in the past 40 years. that's a data point investors are watching. if he's elected that's a setback to the italian recovery. >> that's a setback to humidity. setback to morality. did you know silvio berlusconi was running again? >> he made to it 7:55. >> but you're going -- >> you're not usually so bullish. >> i have not seen -- this is a fleeting chance. we've not seen an opportunity for the u.s. dollar to actually break out in ten years. i mean give me a bone here. this is all i want. i want purchasing power in my back pocket. i want government out of the way and i want to see how that works. >> if the dollar keeps rising and becomes king dollar again i have to back obama. i have to. >> let's state one simple fact never is a long time and never has the u.s. economy not rocke
Feb 22, 2013 6:30pm PST
will look at what is at stake and who are the biggest stakeholders. >> could he be back? silvio berlusconi making a lot of people very nervous. >> stay with us. we will be right back. >> welcome back, everyone. as we've heard, the markets have a close eye on those elections in italy. depending on who steals the vote on sunday or monday, the country could be set for big changes. >> the economic reforms from mario monti's technocratic government hang in balance. they have helped to bring down the country's deficits but remain deeply unpopular in many parts of the country. >> italy still faces high unemployment at its worst recession in over 60 years. let's have a look at who wants to take on those challenges. >> this man could be italy's next prime minister. his democratic party leads in the polls, but will he win on election day? the center-left party campaign has been lackluster at times, but it could still end up in government because the biggest party automatically gets a parliamentary majority. italian electoral law converts narrow victories in two big wins. it awards ac bonus to the st
Feb 26, 2013 7:00pm PST
led by former prime minister silvio berlusconi emerged from the election as the second largest block. berlusconi has hinted at the possibility of a grand coalition. the newly launched five star movement led by comedian beppe grillo is the third largest force. he stresses his bloc will decide its positions on a policy by policy basis. negotiations between the three groups are expected to be difficult because they have all staked out different stances on key issues. analysts say the outcome could have an impact on italy's debt-reducing reforms and the stability of the eurozone. >>> americans too are concerned about stability of their own economy. some central bankers have hinted that it's stable enough to end monetary easing sooner than planned. but the head of the bank is not yet convinced. ai uchida joins us now from the business desk. so ai, tell us, what's ben bernanke looking for? >> well, bernanke is looking specifically at the jobs market. he wants more americans to hold more jobs before he exits all monetary policy. and he still feels the unemployment rate is too high at the mo
Feb 28, 2013 2:30pm PST
not be that defended -- offended. >> the other is silvio berlusconi. he is a two-time former prime minister. >> the italian president's state visit to germany has been overshadowed by the diplomatic incident created by peer steinbrueck. italy and germany would continue to work together, despite occasional irritations. >tuesday, peer steinbrueck referred to a delete's former prime minister -- to italy's former prime minister as a clown. >> when one talks about things concerning another friendly, allied country, and about the result of a free election, one must be well balanced in his choice of words. >> he would not be drawn into the matter. >> i do not wish to comment. some statements are sufficient in themselves. >> he said italy would soon have a new government, insisting the country is not ungovernable. >> the world health organization says certain cancers are more likely to develop in the area worst hit by japan's nuclear disaster two years ago. the who says girls exposed to radiation around the devastated fukushima nuclear plant have a 78% higher chance of getting thyroid cancer. >> th
Feb 27, 2013 12:35am PST
face is making a comeback here. silvio berlusconi is trying to form a government. back again despite all his scandals. >> he should take an example from the pope. i mean, even the pope resigns and berlusconi is still there. >> reporter: here in italy, the pope has now become the definitive example of making a graceful exit. i'm david wright for "nightline" in rome. >> thanks to david, and we finish up with our closing argument now. a tragic catastrophe this morning as a hot air balloon carrying a group of tourists, mostly from asia, burst into flames and exploded over the historic egyptian city. at least 19 were killed, two injured. in a disaster now considered the worst hot air balloon accident in history. people have been traveling that way for a long time and these accidents are rare. but we wonder will it make you think twice before going up, up and away? you can weigh in on the "nightline" facebook page or tweet us @nightline or me @billweir. we hope you'll check in on "good morning america." george stephanopoulos will be in vatican city. we're always online at
Feb 26, 2013 7:00am EST
with an outright majority. silvio berlusconi did almost as well as pier luigi tristani -- but no one has control over both houses and you need got to govern properly. >> let's talk to our correspondent in rome. we're only just digesting that results. people are already talking about the need for another election. >> there are pretty much only three options. one is another election in the next couple of months, because italy will be ungovernable, as the newspaper headlines this morning are suggesting, and the second would involve some grand coalition. that has never happened before in italy. it is a very divisive political system here. and at third, which seems unlikely, would be the leader of the five-star movement changing course and agreeing to operate with one of the coalitions. he has made no signs hughes willing to do that. -- no signs he is willing to do that. >> you mention this anti- establishment figure. we kind of know what he does not want. we kind of know what people voted for him do not want, but we have no idea what they do want. problem.a real you have more than 100 people in the
Feb 22, 2013 6:30pm EST
juto el día de cierre de campaña electoral, donde silvio berlusconi vuelve a ser candidato, se conoce que balestrero era allegado al ex primer ministro italiano, las reglas de el vaticano dicen que solo pueden tener cuentas ahí personas de la santa sede, pero también se autoriza a personas actuar en nombre de estas instituciones. >>e> n los años 90 también había dinero de los partidos políticos italianos. >>> mientras tanto hay detalles del cónclave. >>>e l papa puede dar las recomendaciones que no tienen que esperar 15 días para iniciar el cónclave, pero son los cardenales que decidirán cuándo comenzar. >>> el papa podría haber querido gritar con su renuncia que hace falta una limpieza a fondo si la institución quiere ser vigente por varios años más. >>> esto es una noticia que no fue noticia, pero les cuento, ayer se habl'ño de la posible muerte de chapo guzmán, las autoridades dijeron que el chapo podira haber estado muerto, pero al final se retractaron, Érica porras con la información >>> fue un fuerte rumor que creció rápidamente en guatemala, trascendió que
Feb 26, 2013 6:00am EST
than anyone expected. that's what led to gridlock and so no one is in control. silvio berlusconi, sounding exhausted, called into one of his networks this morning to chat with the news anchors there. first of all, he doesn't think there should be new elections, which is a possibility. when he was asked about interest rates rising in italy, he said, don't worry about interest rates. they are an invention. the markets are a little bit independent and a little bit crazy. and the fact that the spread is widening compared to german interest rates, why do we have to compare ourselves to the germans all the time? we don't have to. he hinted to a coalition with the left. he didn't say he would do it. the other thing he said was he was hoping that mario monti didn't even get 10%, didn't get into parliament at all. he said if that had happened, he would have gotten drunk, but he's decided to give away those bottles of wine to his friends. beppe grillo, the comedian that you talked about did phenomenally well. he boasted about the fact that they did this without money and without reimbursem
FOX News
Feb 18, 2013 8:00am PST
in his public and private life there is word now that former italian prime minister silvio berlusconi might have a shot to reclaim the post. amy kellogg following this story live from london. >> reporter: he is creeping closer. the recent poll showed that he is still throw trailing the frontrunner who is a former communist, jon, by about five points. given the fact that he presided over italy's economic decline nor a significant amount of time, and all of the embarrassment that he caused many italians with the parties and all the trials, some say it's quite remarkable that he is still going strong. silvio berlusconi is in fact the consummate performer and a number of highly theatrical tv appearances in the past month or so helped him close the gap in the polls. here he is turning the tables, or the chair in this case on those who try to dish the dirt on him e. turns his tv interrogator into the dirty one wiping off the chair that the man who challenged him sat in. what is it about the 76-year-old billionaire italians love so much? some say they see something of themselves in him. othe
Feb 25, 2013 9:00am EST
of the elections. now, silvio berlusconi, he never does as well in the polls as he does in the final election, because a lot of people are embarrassed to admit that they will vote for him. he's extremely controversial. you've got to see what happened when he voted yesterday in milan and the protesters showed up and suddenly went topless and chanted out anti-berlusconi sentiment. watch this. the . >> they're screaming, enough of berlusconi. these are feminists from eastern europe who apparently weren't complaining about the fact that he's been in office already three times and that they didn't want him to be in office again. but have done protests like this around the world against the abuse of women. but certainly berlusconi easily the most controversial figure in modern italian political history, and still he's coming in it looks like right now second place, guys. back to you. >> michelle, thanks so much. >> was that police brutality? was that groping? what did you see in that video? >> groping? >> honestly, what was your take on that video? >> i'm impressed with their ability to withstand t
Feb 22, 2013 3:00pm EST
italy's finances. the problem is that may not happen because you have two disrupters. silvio berlusconi, the former prime minister, three times now making an incredible comeback, despite all kinds of issues with the law, and also a comedian who has also suddenly skyrocketed into the polls, really capitalizing on all the discontent here in the italian so seat because they are angry abo about. >> wow, what a story. talk about a comeback. silvio berlusconi. >> back again. >> thanks, michelle. >> up against a comedian. >> when in rom. all right. >> there are so many things we were saying but we won't get to them right now, but we are watching this market very carefully. 15 minutes left. the dow up 106 points. if we were to close there we'd be positive for the week, and we certainly weren't thinking that was going to happen. >> i don't know if you want to answer this question, bill, but has the fed been holding this market back? sounds a little nuts, but our next guest says reducing economic stimulus could spark a bigger and a stronger rally. >> wow, can't wait to hear that reasoning and can
Feb 25, 2013 4:00pm EST
thought that silvio berlusconi would be nowhere in contention for this race in italy. the market has to incorporate this new information that there's a lot more anti-austerity, anti-merkel sentiment in italy. i'm not saying this ultimately changes the big picture in europe, but it is a new piece of information that has to come into a market at a time when the market was up very big and vix was down. it laz to get factored in somehow. >> all right. so brian jacobson, tell me where to put my money. if i'm looking at this as an opportunity or looking for shelter from the storm. where do i put my money? >> one of the areas that i really like right now is short-term high yield. i think that's a good place to be looking. just because that way you get a little bit less volatility. it's like equities but with a coupon attached to it. but really if i -- i still think we're going to end the year around 1600 on the s&p 500. if i buy in at 1495, sure it makes a difference. you're still up for the year. i think you can be looking at adding to positions. it's a 1.8% dropping with but it wasn't uni
Feb 24, 2013 11:00pm PST
is excited by. attempting a comeback the master of comebacks silvio berlusconi getting a taste of public anger. significant popular and political proposition makes a berlusconi return to government unlikely. >> i think there will be other elections and it will be worse than this one. there will be more protests an i see instability for the next three years. >> we hope for us, for our children for the future, we are better off but there are other who are behind us we hope. >> interim government of technocrats led by professor mario monty may have played a part from bringing him back to the economic brink but in doing so it brought the country back to austerity prolonging its worse recession in years. they are looking for the poll situations to solve their problems. -- politicians to solve their problems. the opponent looks to win a shaky majority despite pledging to press ahead with austerity. he has also said to pursue growth. but it's power potentially curtailed on a colorful cast of characters. ♪ >> in perhaps predictable fashion, berlusconi has already broken the silence imposed on
Feb 25, 2013 1:00pm EST
on their breasts, bear breasts and bare backs, bosta silvio and were screaming, enough of berlusconi is what they were saying. they were tackled by police, taken outside. berlusconi looked at them and said, relax, life isn't that tough. we saw the italian market pull dramatically. way off of its highs. we will see, sue, if we get any clarity by tomorrow morning. >> the markets would certainly like to see that, unbelievable michelle, thank you so much. . let's take a look, as michelle mentioned, stocks swinging quite wildly today. right now dow jones off at 13,984 ppt 36. the market's bell weather is trading down about a tenth after point at 1513 and change. nasdaq is up 4 and volatility index, fear index is up 6.5%. gold market rebounding from recent falls. right now, gold is up. down 9% in the lot of three months, though. silver, platinum, palladium, copper, also bouncing back from last week's sell-off as you can see. mary thompson is on the floor to describe what is going on. michelle handicapped it for us. >> this is trading italian style. this is what we call on monday. it looked promisi
Feb 24, 2013 1:00pm PST
. right now you it's tight race between coalitions led by three-time prime minister silvio berlusconi and pierre breeze zani. >>> the youtube sensation known as kid president, there he is, got a shoutout from the commander in chief himself. president obama hasked him to star in an announcement for the white house easter egg roll. look. >> kid president it looks like you got my message. >> yes, mr. president. i got your message this is historic. the white house easter egg roll. there's dancing, egg rolling, come in. >> robby novack, he is just 9 years old. his youtube videos get hundreds of thousands of views online. no wonder why. he is a star. >>> all right. benedict's last week as pope won't be a peaceful one. the vote can is coping with one scandal in rome and another abroad. [ engine revving ] ♪ [ male announcer ] every car we build must make adrenaline pump and pulses quicken. ♪ to help you not just to stay alive... but feel alive. the new c-class is no exception. it's a mercedes-benz through and through. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers through
Feb 25, 2013 3:00pm EST
control anything. silvio berlusconi's comeback is very impressive. despite his scandals, wiretapping, et cetera, he's done very well. look what happened when he voted yesterday in milan. he walks into the polling station and almost immediately three different women rip off their tops and on their bare backs and their bare breasts are painted bas to silvio. what they're saying is bas to berlusconi. enough of berlusconi. as you can see, they were grabbed by the police, dragged from the polling station out into the snow. it was a high level of drama. a lot of moments of tension. but that speaks to the nature of berlusconi and what has been on almost circuslike atmosphere for this election. bottom line, we may have to go for another round of voting here. >> oi. what a couple of days there. let's bring in cnbc contributor michael farr to talk more about this. michael farr, why should we as investors in the united states care about what's going on with the italian election right now? [ speaking italian ] >> yeah, yeah. >> i'm trying to get in the mood for the elections again. we need to care b
Feb 25, 2013 12:00pm EST
into the process, all of that washed away. tudly it looked like silvio berlusconi was resurging with the central right party and as a result the markets got very nervous. it looks like we could have a hung parliament. it's now gotten to the point where one leading member of the left says that in fact italians may have to vote again this election could be that inconclusive. that is problematic. the markets here wanted stability. when people went to the polls yesterday and today it was a very serious choice that everyone was making. but clearly this country is very divided. but what the markets want is a team in place that's likely going to be around for a while and that can push through reforms that can help this economy grow. if you have to do elections all over again, we're that much further away from those changes that need to be done and there's even talk that they shall change the constitution so that you don't have a hung parliament. it is getting pretty messy. that's the story on ground here. we'll keep you up to date as numbers keep coming in tonight. >> michelle, thanks so much. live the
Feb 26, 2013 4:00pm PST
. that's right. it had been about silvio berlusconi's return to power. there's just one problem. he lost. when all the votes were count head finished with 31%. a strong
Feb 26, 2013 8:00pm PST
. it had been about silvio berlusconi's return to power. there's just one problem. he lost. when all the votes were count head finished with 31%. a strong showing but only good enough for second place. but still every headline is about sweet silvio. because sometimes you don't have to be first to be famous. even people who hate him, and there are a lot of them, want to read and hear about him. and this phenomenon where the winner is not the headline is not just in politics. from beginning to end it was all about one person -- danica. she won the pole, led a lap and had a good eighth place finish. even the headlines that actually mentioned the winner -- i won't mention his name because you probably don't care because they mention danica. she's famous like silvio for her success, but she's also famous just because. the same sort of intangible that tiger woods has. when he was 2 years old he was wowing audiences and charming mike douglas. he had that hard-to-define "it" quality. even after he's eliminated in the first round of a tournament, even after his personal life imploded, he's st
Feb 27, 2013 4:00pm PST
may remember, we talked about three people. tiger woods, danica patrick, and silvio berlusconi, who are so successful that even when they lose, they still get almost all the attention. and at the end of the story, i asked you to go to our blog and take our poll. the question was, who would you rather be? tiger, danica, or silvio? we got a lot of responses and so far, running away with the competition is danica patrick, with 66% of the vote. tiger is 28, silvio with only 6. but i was confused, because if you vote for silvio, you get to buy the car and, you know, whatever else you want to buy. and it also proves our point that even though tiger and silvio lost to danica, we're still talking about them. >>> it has been 573 days since the u.s. lost its top credit rating and what are we doing to get it back? with those forced spending cuts two days away, a lot of people are in limbo. on friday, indiana will halt unemployment benefits until it gets more guidance from washington. >>> and cutting detainees loose. the immigration and enforcement agency has released several hundred detainees
FOX News
Feb 24, 2013 4:00pm PST
minister and now candidate silvio berlusconi, he wants his job back despite being ousted amid a sex scandal and severe debt crisis. amy kellogg with more. >> reporter: nothing seems to destroy berlusconi, not his conviction for fraud. not his ongoing trial for alleged sex with an underage prostitute. not the woman from experience and put in local and national parliaments, not even a recent comment that the late fashion dictator mussolini did many good things for the country. what is it about berlusconi. >> the thing about berlusconi, he doesn't want to change now. a lot of politicians have been wanting to change italians, but they're telling italians, look, you're good just as you are. and this is something that italians love. >> and not all italians. >> i think he wants to be in politics, to escape his judicial problems. >> berlusconi presided over years of decline and with rome on the fiscal edge, he's looking for voters to refund the property tax they have just had to pay if he gets back to power. and with tv appearances with high drama he deflects accusations against him turning the ta
Feb 25, 2013 10:00am PST
a growing nuclear threat in the north from north korea. guess who is attempting a comeback? silvio berlusconi trying to win back his old job in today's presidential election in italy. he was ousted in disgrace. he is an underdog. his chief competition is center left candidate luigi versani and pepe rio. he showed up at the polls when he voted yesterday and women took off their tops to reveal enough of sill have i i don't in italian across their chests. well, big news out of the vatican today. pope benedict xvi has now moved up the date of the conclave to gather to elect his successor. as another cardinal is still touched by the continuing sex abuse scandal. nbc's ann thompson joins me from rome with more details. first of all, the timing of the conclave, i know the rules allow the cardinals to move it up. what is he saying? when do you think this will begin? >> that's a good question, andrea. despite the pope's actions today, we still don't know when the conclave will exactly start. what the pope did today is give the cardinals the permission to move up the start date with this pro
Feb 26, 2013 2:35am EST
lead over former prime minister silvio berlusconi. more than a year after the debt crisis in that country forced him out of office. and that election deadlock sent asian markets went tumbling over new worries europe's debt problems could destabilize the global economy. it was a similar scene unfortunately on wall street. the dow opened for the day after a 200 point plunge. that's the biggest drop in more than three months. >>> martha stewart is expected to testify in a trial today. pitting some of the retail world's most powerful retail players. the case revolves around a deal she signed with jcpenney to sell her goods there. macy is suing both, claiming that deal violates the agreement that macy's had with stewart to be stewart's exclusive seller. >>> first off, we want to say this, if you enjoy ikea meatball in the u.s., they're just fine. but in europe, ikea meatballs have been pulled now that horse meat has been found in frozen foods where they were supposed to contain beef or pork, not horse meat. >> that story is hard to -- i'm not laughing. >> we're not laughing at
Feb 26, 2013 5:30pm PST
to strike a deal with silvio berlusconi who staged a political comeback from the dead last night and who today hinted at compromises for the sake of italy. >> sreenivasan: google and the government of spain went before europe's highest court in a privacy fight that could have far-reaching implications. the case involves whether google can be forced to erase search results that people feel violate their privacy. the company says it should not have to delete lawful content which it did not create. a ruling is expected by the end of the year. those are some of the day's major stories. now, back to judy. >> woodruff: the senate ended a contentious fight over a key cabinet nomination today, and confirmed former nebraska senator chuck hagel to be the next secretary of defense. >> 12 days later, nothing, nothing has changed. senator hagel empla record of service to his country remains untarnished. >> woodruff: in short, senate majority leader harry reid said, chuck hagel should have been confirmed before the president's day recess. at the time, the senate's 55 democrats could not get the 60 vot
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